Marconics Energy Healing Certifcate 

Gyrotonic Expansion System

Evolutionally Energy Healing for Ascension


Originator - Alison David-Bird, C.Ht 

Marconics Website (USA) :

Marconics energy was given to Alison David-Bird at the end of 2013, by Pleiadians to help people on the Earth in order to shed 3rd dimensional densities and rise frequency, aiming to 5th dimension and up to ascend with the Earth and other planets.

We all know that the Earth is ascending to 5th dimension and we are experiencing the wave of ascension energy, coming down from cosmos. It is causing us ascension symptoms, such as anxiety, mental breakdown, physical pain. 

Each of us are now deciding if we stay within this lower dimension of materialistic world, or choose to go with the Earth to higher dimension, filled with Love and Harmony. 

At this difficult time of corona virus spreading into the world, it is suggesting that we all have to stop and re-think what we really need/want. Unless each of us wake up and start life, filled with frequency of Love and Harmony, we will experience many more events similar to this virus until the Earth gets light enough to rise her density.

It may look like the end of the world, but actually this is the pathway to the new world of Love and Harmony of human, the Earth and the Universe. 

Marconics helps shedding frequency of Fear, and rising frequency.

It sheds mental/emotional/physical/spiritual karma.

Marconics Energy Healing is suitable if you :

Feel that you are ready to the next step in your life

Feel that you want to connect with your Higher-self and above

Feel that you want to help others, the Earth and Universe

* Marconics Energy is not suitable if you are:

Seeing a doctor on terminal illness



Have metal in your body, e.g. Pace maker

Useful Youtube Links:

Demonstration by Originator Alison David-Bird:

Marconics Infinite Light "I AM Merge" session:

Alison David-Bird in class:

Marconics Books:

"The Clarion Call"

by Alison David-Bird, C.Ht. & Lisa Wilson, L.M.T

Available in Amazon UK.

"Angels of Atlantis"

by Alison David Bird & Lisa Wilson

Available in Amazon USA