Marconics Energy Healing Certifcate 

Gyrotonic Expansion System

MARCONICS - Evolutionally Energy Healing for Ascension


Originator - Alison David-Bird, Boston, USA

Marconics Website (USA) :

Marconics energy was given by Pleiadians to help people on the Earth in order to shed 3rd dimensional densities and rise frequency, aiming to 5th dimension and up to ascend with the Earth and other planets.

Marconics Energy Healing is suitable if you :

Feel that you are ready to the next step in your life

Feel that you want to connect with your Hither self and above

Feel that you want to help other human and the Earth and Universe

Also if you :

Want to shed 3rd dimensional density - this includes:

Ascension symptoms (emotional/mental/physical/spiritual trauma and karma)

* Marconics Energy is not suitable for who has terminal illness, early stage of pregnancy, children, or if you have a pace maker or other metal material in your body (except titanium).

Marconics Energy sheds your 3rd dimensional density and rise your frequency. Physical problems may be solved as bi-products as your frequency rises.

Useful Youtube Links:

Demonstration by Originator Alison David-Bird:

Marconics Infinite Light "I AM Merge" session:

Alison David-Bird in class, tasing about Dropping Density: