Marconics Energy Healing Certifcate 

Gyrotonic Expansion System


I was feeling like I was in a bit chilly room with windows opened when the session started. The cold wind came through my body over and over. It was somehow magical and comfortable though. When the session finished, I asked Reiko if she opened the windows. But all the windows were closed throughout the session and there was no draft coming in, also the room was warm when I sat up on the massage table.

Wow, what was that then ? I felt very calm afterwords. Thanks !


Felt very strong Energy beam on my Temples when the session started. My body started moving without any intention. The Energy moved everywhere in and around my body, then I felt my body stretched out, felt taller after the session, also standing very uplight on the ground.

L. O in London (Marconics No-touch with Crowning)

I did not feel much during the session, it was just comfortable and relaxing. After the session I started going to toilet again and again for 1 day and night, guess it was strong detoxing !!!! Feeling so much better after that. 


My life has completely changed after Recalibration. I felt that my Energy level has risen so much. My wife says I look completely different. I look young, strong, full of love again ! I am planning to become a Marconics Level 1 No-touch healing practitioner to help everybody with this Evolutionally Healing !

C. S in London (Marconics Quantum Recalibration)

I am a Reiki Healer and I knew that I needed to do this to rise my frequency as I was feeling that I was stuck at some level these days. I am grad that I did it, my frequency gone sky high up, doing so much better session to my clients now !!!


Magical Facial Rejevenation. My face muscle relaxed immediately, uplifted and skin cells started alive again !!!!!

It also relaxed my whole body as if I had a complete body massage !!!! Look forward to have it regularly xx

J.I from London (Gyrotonic)

I was having frozen shoulders for years and tried Gym and other exercises to make them better, but failing that none of them worked. Then one of my friends recomended to take Gyrotonic private sessions with Reiko, and I decided to take her classes. I have had 10 sessions with her so far and my frozen shoulder has been solved ! None of other execise worked but Gyrotonic does work. I am now free from pain.

E.K from London (Gyrotonic)

I have had a history of severe lower back pains including slipped disc, and meniscus inflammations in the past many years. I used to do hard gym trainings and that lead the conditions worse and I could not do any other exercises. Then I found Reiko's Gyrotonic session and had a first session with her. At the first session, I wondered if this exercise would work, since I did not get sweat, and those movements were very calm and slow. But I found my body very tired when I was on my way back as if I had been running for 10 km. The feeling of exhaustion after Gyrotonic has gone after I started having her session regularly, and instead, started feeling energetic after sessions. Reiko always finds my body tensions and watch my conditions at session and gives me tailor made exercises. Sometimes even when I have lower back pain before session, the pain has gone after the session. My history of lower back pains and knee problems had all gone, and I really thank her for it. In addition to say "Good Bye" to my back pain days, I found my body shape has changed, and now I can enjoy my elegant body lines which I did not have when I was doing other exercises. I sometimes recall myself "What had I been doing with other exercises?" I also appreciate Reiko's calm attitude and the way she teaches gives me a feeling of healing in there, too. I enjoy having Gyrotonic sessions with her very much and sense this is the end of my journey to find the best exercise.

Y.Y in London (Gyrotonic)

I have started taking Gyrotonic sessions with Reiko as one of my friends recommended to take her class.

First I did not have a clue what it was when my friend tried to explain how it works. However, I just thought I should give it a try.

I felt very strange when I first saw the Gyrotonic machine, and bit afraid if I can do the exercise.

When I did my very first Gyrotonic session guided by Reiko, I found the movements on the machine with Yoga breath were slow, but amazed how I felt afterwords. I felt my body never been so light, from my head to toes, and enjoyed the feeling so warm and confortable on the way home as I can go home with skip.

I felt that the breathing technicque and yet slow circular movements on the machine increases the efficiency of the exercise, relaxes body tentions.

I felt my body tentions have being released, but actually streangthning body itself at the same time, without feeling exaustion, tiredness or huge muscle pains after sessions.

 I have been having Reiko's sessions for a year and half, and I could tell that my body has been changed so much. I feel my body parts which I had never felt mobile are now moving freely, also feel some of the mascles which I never even felt they are there.

It is so nice to know the mechanism in a body how they actually connect each other energetically and phisically,  and I could feel and check my body condition by myself during the sessions.

Also it is a huge advantage to have private sessions, as the class is customised depend on my body conditions.

 I will have to go back to Japan but I am pretty much determined to continue Gyrotonic private clasees in Japan too.